Shel knows just what to say….

6 12 2011


I’m working on it

without further adieu

20 09 2011

it’s official. and it was unanimous

Fill in the Blank

29 08 2011

Today was my first day with actual……. at my new……. It won’t be official until the 3rd tuesday in the month after this one. So i can’t give details yet……. but assume that the blogging will improve.  I’ve just gained material.

get up get up get your body in motion….

17 08 2011

are you singing? dancing? both?  you should be….. here’s a fun little video to get you through your hump day!

good news, these guys are available to do your wedding.

Dear God

10 08 2011

Remember all of those angry journal entries? And all those times i yelled at you?  There’s a chance you might know what you’re doing.  Sorry i’m not very patient.  You’re a lotta bit awesome.  Thanks a bundle.




8 08 2011

When will Americans have the courage to to present the Gospel. And not the American, what can i get out of it version?  When will be able to say I worship God because HE IS GOD….. not because he does this for me, or that for me….. but just because he IS. HE IS…..

Pretty intense video from John Piper.

dashing in the dark

21 06 2011

Out of necessity last night, i ran after 10pm and found it to be a totally different experience from running in the day time…. some notes:

Pro: there’s no one around to see you huffing a sweating

Con: there’s no one around to see you if you pass out and drown in a puddle of your own vomit

Pro: you don’t have the glaring sun beating down on you

Con: you can’t blame your profuse sweating on the glaring sun beating down on you

Pro: Bullfrogs and Crickets sound much better than moaning and groaning

Con: bullfrogs and crickets think it’s funny to jump in front of you and watch you dance to miss them

Pro: you can count steps by how long it takes you to make it around the corner to where the light it

Con: when you reach the light you have to dodge kamikaze moths

THE grandma

9 06 2011
no one loves like a grandma can.  a short list of things i love and miss on her first birthday in heaven.
  •  a watermelon for supper, but not having any left for supper because you ate the whole thing with your granddaughter in the afternoon.
  • waking up to the sound of crackling bacon and the smell of made to order eggs every time you spend the night
  • glass bottle milk
  • holding the hand of a young girl, afraid to sleep alone
  • answering the phone with a yellow and getting off with a mmmmmbye
  • hun is the only term of endearment needed
  • letting it be known you’ve been by with a couple of crumpled dollar bills and half of  little debbie snack cake left on a pillow
  • a love for the opry, hee haw, and y&r
  • calves of steel that no naughty child can escape
  • saving all the little cups of ice cream from delivered lunches to be ready for entertaining
  • a never ending supply of crumpled, pocket, gently used tissues
  • that little smirk and twinkle from shared secrets
  • knowing dinner isn’t served til the bread is on the table, even if it is slices of wonder
  • spending afternoons teaching grandchildren the three r’s before they start school
  • not wanting to be the bad guy, so threatening the gkids with a certain aunt….. and knowing it would work even with said aunt half a world away
  • never ever tiring of go fish or candy land
  • always having change around and available for trips to the drug store for candy

Golden Birthday

8 06 2011

Seven years on the seventh. Here’s to your Golden Birthday. Miss you



sunday shorts

6 06 2011
  • sometimes you teach an elementary sunday school lesson, and it has a mind of its own and becomes the lesson you needed to hear.
  • you should always wear sunscreen to day games even tho you “know” your seats are in the shade…. sometimes they aren’t. oops
  • ripping off bandaids quick is the way to go…. literally and figuratively
  • winning at cards is really fun…. but it’s going to become more difficult without cho spoon feeding me everything i need, much to his disgust.
  • no matter how many times you tell yourself after chopping jalapenos not to touch your face. you will touch your face
  • Even after washing your hands multiple times, rubbing your eye is still not a good idea
  • sitting in the blistering sun for hours and sweating all of your fluids out is totally worth it for a walk off in bonus baseball
  • Laura is my favorite woods….. she makes me want to bake.

I’d rather be wrestling with the Lord

27 05 2011

It may not be easy… but guaranteed you’ll come out the other end different.

Gen 33: 23-30

23He took them and sent them across the stream, and everything else that he had. 24And Jacob was left alone. And a man wrestled with him until the breaking of the day. 25When the man saw that he did not prevail against Jacob, he touched his hip socket, and Jacob’s hip was put out of joint as he wrestled with him. 26Then he said, “Let me go, for the day has broken.” But Jacob said, “I will not let you go unless you bless me.” 27And he said to him, “What is your name?” And he said, “Jacob.” 28Then he said, “Your name shall no longer be called Jacob, but Israel, for you have striven with God and with men, and have prevailed.” 29Then Jacob asked him, “Please tell me your name.” But he said, “Why is it that you ask my name?” And there he blessed him. 30So Jacob called the name of the place Peniel, saying, “For I have seen God face to face, and yet my life has been delivered.”

Oh to be as ballsy as Jacob…. are you allowed to say ballsy when referring to scripture??

Are you wrestling with anything?? What is it?? Lets pray together.

Sabastian gives good advice.

24 05 2011

Got home. popped on my itunes as i checked my junk. hit shuffle. first song, Kiss the Girl (as sung by sabastian).  Brilliant.  We can all just pretend i didn’t quickly turn off my shuffle and listen to the rest of the little mermaid soundtrack….. which i totally don’t have on my computer…. sheeesh.

(don’t be surprised if you hear me singing this tomorrow)

momma said they’ll be days like this

23 05 2011

i am tired. and drained. is that the same thing?? and allergied and stuffy.  tonight my good friend had me over for homemade pizza, a bottle of melbac, some good tunes, and some good giggles.  I needed it.  desperately.

tomorrow is a kindergarten field trip…. and the cards are on the west coast. not a good combo.  Prepare to be very dirty and very tired again tomorrow….. good news…. i’ll be done tutoring at 5:30 pm. THAT’S SO EARLY!!!! who wants to party??!!  after i take a quick nap. =)

summer must be here

21 05 2011

everyone’s favorite summer series is coming this week….. so you think you can dance…. ha. sometimes a dance is so much more than just a dance.

Ode to Casey

16 05 2011

There was once a very giggly girl

Who thought she’d give med school a whirl

The work was really really cumbersome

At times it made her feel like a dumbersome

And even tho she may have pouted

We never really doubted

That soon the world would know

Cassandra Lacher the D.O.

CONGRATS CASEY!!!!  You have always been one of the very best people i know.  I’m so blessed to be able to call you my friend. I love you!

* don’t miss an ode of a different color by my friend steph!!

am i cursed?

13 05 2011

Tonight, i saw a seemingly mindless movie with some friends.  it’s funny how sometimes when seeing silly movies you get smacked in the face with spiritual truths….. And with a little bit of fear of sounding like a stuff christians like post….. let me tell you what i got while watching Thor…. yeah you heard me, keep your sniggering to yourself.

There comes a part in the story when we discover the dicey past of thor’s brother… and 2nd in line to become king.  When this realization is made, he turns to his father, the king, and asks, “Am i cursed?”…. his father quickly replies a simple no… but the son continues, “Then what am i?” and the Father says, “You are my son.”  In that moment of the story, you see the love of a father for a son, and that it doesn’t matter what he was or what he has done, he his simply a son and is well loved.

This son may not have taken the comfort he should have in those simple words, but how often am i the same way?  When God looks at me, He doesn’t see what i once was, or all of the mistakes I am currently making, He sees daughter.  And He loves.  How often do i not believe Him? How often do i continue to try and do it my own way?  How often am i willing to turn my back on Him?  I am glad that no matter what i’ve done, or will do, God will continually say to me, “You are not cursed, I got conquered that curse with death that couldn’t contain me, you are simply my daughter, and I love you.”

you want cake? i GUESS i’ll make one

11 05 2011

i got a text today from a good friend asking if i would make her a lemon truffle cake. I made one last year for Easter and took the leftovers to her house and she said she needs another.  I told her only if i get to eat it with her….. it’s shame having a great excuse to make and eat a great cake!  

hello there lovely cake. i’m going to make you and then eat you. love.

the big ones

9 05 2011

Anyone who has been around me for long has probably heard one of my insane dreams….. the insanity running rampant in my head at night is unreal.  There have been ping pong games while swimming in a room of root beer, dinosaurs crashing through buildings as i race away on my 10 speed huffy, magic toilets that induce flight when paired with pillowcase capes…. the list could really go on forever.  The funny thing is, the big dreams i have for my real life are probably the most basic things people ever hope for.  They may be simple, but that doesn’t mean they don’t, at times, seem far from reach.

Here’s to trusting that God knows my dreams better than i. (let’s be honest, I’m not the best royally suck at that) And.  Being thankful that He’s big enough to handle it when i have it out with Him.  I mean, i can’t be sure, but i’m fairly certain He doesn’t even laugh when I tell Him time and time again how He’s messing up…. come on God, get on board with me here….. He just lets me get it all out and waits. Waits for me to welcome Him to quiet my spirit and assure me that He knows what He’s doing.  He loves.

“Could we with ink the ocean fill,
And were the skies of parchment made,
Were every stalk on earth a quill,
And every man a scribe by trade;
To write the love of God above
Would drain the ocean dry;
Nor could the scroll contain the whole,
Though stretched from sky to sky.”

half full

7 05 2011

life is always better when looking through rose colored glasses…. sometimes you need a little pink tenting in your life….. so here is a list of the upside of the last week or so.

  • dinner and a movie with the SD
  • getting a world traveling sweatshirt from my namesakes university
  • catching my first bass…. and holding my first fish (although i no longer have photographical proof that this happened….. it did…. can i get that proof again???…. and unhooking my first fish all by myself. (this is a big deal people)
  • Having my favorite doc cure me of a few weeks of the worst pain of my life.
  • spending time with said doc
  • 4th grade students that make me laugh
  • not winning at any card game i ever play…. but getting to play is the best anyway….. i beat the one i like to beat .
  • wise words and gentle conversations from people i love and respect
  • attending probably the most exciting baseball game i’ve ever seen live….. 22 outs of perfect baseball ain’t too shabby…. and to boot i got to see it with my brother who i’m pretty sure i haven’t hung out with alone in at least a year…. NOT COOL!  He’s a good one.
  • fishing twice in one week. a girl could get used to that….. and finishing up fishing with roma’s pizza….. on a WEEKDAY!
  • buying and quickly giving away 3 new bouncy balls….. i’m pretty sure the guy that made up, it’s better to give than to receive, learned this when giving away bouncy balls.
  • Easter and Mother’s day all rolled into one makes for a full day of giggles and playfulness with kids.  Plus all the neighborhood boys came over to join the fun.  Why are muddy, sweaty boys with pockets full of rocks and walnuts the cutest??? Not to mention opening the pool and the first cranked ice cream of the year.
  • a brand new macbook, courtesy of iLEARN tutoring center
  • The most exciting 2 min in sports
  • putting in a dollar to get my soda and getting 4 quarters back
  • hugs and smooches and cuddles from the cutest girls i know
  • hisses and growls burps and farts from the cutest boy i know (they’re pretty much mean the same as hugs and smooches from the girls)

see look at that. it’s been a pretty good week.

whoops slipped

5 05 2011

it’s accidentally been a month.  I’ve been planning a few posts in my head for a while….. i do that. anyone else a head writer?  I have to have most of any writing planned out in my head before i can do any actual writing…. and i’ve got some good stuff stored up there….. but…. it’s been a rough week. and i’m tired. and pretty sure anything i want to write will come out whiny….. no one wants that. =)

i promise…. sooner or later… and hopefully much much sooner, i’ll get my groove back, and then you can enjoy me. thanks for waiting on me.

life’s what happens when you’re busy making other plans

30 03 2011

I had a great post inspired and planned….. but then on my way to signing into my account, i ran into a funny post on “darn” you auto correct……. and i accidentally spent an hour reading those….. seriously, vile, but soooo funny.  so now it’s 1 am….. and i’m going to bed….. real post to come

I’m a what?

15 03 2011

The tutoring center has been open for roughly 9 months, and we have just entered stage 2.  The last few weeks, we have been gaining new students by the truckload.  We feel very blessed to be so busy, but at the same time, it’s starting to get overwhelming, and we aren’t able to give our students and parents a lot of choices on times…. it’s kinda like, i have one spot where i can put your student, does that work???  soooo……. we have just hired a couple of new tutors.  one in particular is very excited to start working with us to build her resume…and i have a few thoughts.

  • how is it that we’ve gotten so busy so fast…. this is crazy
  • how is it that i have become an employer…. this is crazy
  • how is it that someone thinks of me as a “resume builder”…… that is crazy

overall….. i feel that we are very blessed…. and i’m so thankful for all the prayers and encouragement we have received from friends and family.  KEEP EM COMIN!!! and i’m also really excited about the reaction and welcoming we have gotten from the community, because they are ultimately the people that we want to serve.

The New Simon Says

13 03 2011

Today in church, we watched this video from francis chan.  He talks about how crazy it is that we will talk to death about what Jesus says to do. We will study it, learn it, memorize it, but we don’t actually DO IT.  Simply put…. huge idea. watch it after the break.  (i don’t actually know what that means, but i see big blogging masters say it all the time)

youth week with the nazzies

7 03 2011

This week was youth week at the roxana nazarene church.  I didn’t get the opportunity to be apart of much of it…. which is a little disappointing, it’s quite inspiring.  The youth are all called to help lead worship and teach sunday school classes.  Even the adult classes are taken over by the youth.  It’s a great time for the students to grow and for the adults to be blessed too.   Friday night, the kiddos took a trip to the city museum, and i tagged a long.  I spent most of my night chasing after big kid number 1, mike toolen, and big kid number 2, brown.  At one point mike found this little hole going through about a foot thick concrete wall and tried to fit through it…. unfortunately his shoulders were too wide…. or kamal was like… oh my shoulders won’t fit either lets give it a try…. nope, no dice.  So i said. my shoulders will fit through there… and they did. I was shoulder through lickity split…. but then i thought… oh yeah, i’m a girl, my shoulders aren’t the widest part of me…. that would be my hips.  and once i was through to my waist getting either direction was pretty tough….. mike, being the gentleman that he is, helped me out without making fun of me… recorded it and added it to the youth week video for church on sunday. And since you all want to see it….. here is is….. the whole video is pretty great…. but if you don’t have time to watch and just want to see me in all my stuckness, skip to the 6:10 area.



Growing out of creativity

25 02 2011

“Every child is born an artist, the problem is to remain one once they grow up.”

Pablo Picasso

Today i saw a video talking about this famous quote.  Children have this amazing ability to answer questions or give ideas that don’t fit. — you know—- kids say the darndest things…… and we chalk it up to their cuteness, their naivety, their ignorance, their silliness, etc. etc. etc. …….. But we shouldn’t forget that they also aren’t afraid to be wrong.

Probably the best high school history teacher of all times always used to challenge us to, “step out on the learning limb”

He said you had to go out there from time to time to really learn something….. Somehow by highschool, we had all forgotten how to not be afraid of being wrong.  How to take a chance.  How to stretch ourselves.

If we are too afraid to be wrong, we can never come up with a new and fresh idea

we don’t grow into creativity, we grow out of it.

take a chance.  maybe make a huge blunder.  maybe look a little foolish.  maybe be super wrong. maybe inspire change. inspire learning. insprire discovery.


21 02 2011

i suppose this is the obligatory valentines day post a week late….. it seems that there are two camps plastered all over valentines day….. it’s a wonderful day to be by nauseatingly mushy about that special someone….. or it’s a day with weeping and gnashing of teeth (i always want to spell gnashing with a silent k instead of a silent g but i digress)  i whole heartedly disagree with both camps.  I love valentines day, and i always have, whether i have a sweet squeeze or not.  I LOVE love. and i love that valentines day is a whole day when people are conscious of it.  People think about the people in their lives that are amazing and all the things they do for them.  AND are compelled to DO something to SHOW their love and gratitude.

as Christians isnt’ that what we’re called to everyday??? to LOVE. lavishly, unselfishly, feeling free to cry with those we love and rejoice in their triumphs…. even when it shines lights on our failures.  bearing with one another. believing in one another. HOPE in each other and for each other.  it should never end.

Be intentional…. do something…… show some love….. go crazy…..

for GOD is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and ABOUNDING in steadfast love.  psalm 145:8

ABOUNDING!!!!  like knock your socks off, blow you over, shock, and astonish with love….. and then when you pick your body and jaw up off the floor, you realize that the love is still (and even more) abounding, and the bewilderment, dumbfounded flabbergastedness just starts all over again….

lets go for a little of that…. not just on valentines day ( a week late ) but every day,


lets all be honest…

2 02 2011

This snowmageddon…. HUGE disappointment.  seriously soo lame.  I couldn’t wait to sit and watch those huge fat flakes fall and pile and bury everything.  But… i did get to be fake snowed in with miss turner. She is the best to be cozy with.  Since we’re all fake snowed in, I thought i’d share this little gem from amos lee that i’ve been enjoying lately….

before the walls came tumblin down

22 01 2011

reading the beginning of joshua when a couple of the israelites were sent in to jerico to check it out…. while they were there they ran into lady-of-the-night, rahab.  She talks about how the city is pretty nervous about the hebrews closing in because they have heard about them coming out of egypt and crossing the red sea and all kinds of things that God has done…. and she says….”The Lord your God is the God of the heavens.”

well before the age of communication, what the Lord has done for His people is known far and wide…. and it makes me think….. when we allow Him to work in our behalf…. and not muddle it all up with stubborness and stupidity…. it will be knows Who goes before us too.

May YOU be seen in me, oh LORD

The one when it snowed

20 01 2011

Today my legs and arms and back are sore from trudging, and shoveling, and digging, and climbing, and unburying, and rolling in the perfect powder of a winter’s day.  Being grown up is just not an option on a day like today….

I think the excitement of childhood on snow covered days even got to padre today

“it’s ok if you finish it off!!!”

———- i think he might like snow days as much as i do

After digging out the cars, the driveway, and the neighbor’s driveway, and i mean dig…. can you find Lola??







it was off to sled

with the nephew and sister……..

there wasn’t an inch of me not covered in snow by the end… and my hair was frozen to my hat

Seriously, how can you not love outings that end like this???


And what’s a snow day without hot chocolate???


Gotta love that silly boy and his chocolate stache



my grungy snow and hat matted hair is pretty awesome too!

blow on it, it’s hot!











“I like to walk on fresh fallen snow
The kind that whispers and speaks.
It sings a song as I walk along
With crackles and scrunches and squeaks.”

Ogen Nash

I hope you’re enjoying your winter wonderland today!!


“I may not no why, but i know that i like it”

18 01 2011

Come On!

Open your mouth and sound off at the sky.

Shout loud at the top of your voice,

“I AM I !



And i may not know why

But i know that i like it.

Three cheers!!! I AM I!

– Dr. Seuss

Are you liking you today?  embrace it. love it. wallow in it.  you’re pretty great.

the womanly art of being crazy

14 01 2011

i’m pretty sure that i am mastering it right now….. i am all over the place.  and i kinda love it, but i’m pretty sure i hate it. see. crazy.

i’m inspired by amazing people and great music and good books, and ideas, and dreams, and MY CREATOR…. seriously, have you seen his handy work lately???

i’m annoyed by the radio…. except for xm51, it loves me this week….. and my lameness, and my knee and my ever-injured thumb, thick-headed people who i sometimes can’t believe the things they say or do….. not noticing the plank in my eye

i’m cracking up at everything. seriously…. why is everyone so funny this week???  and i cry at everything…. this isn’t so new… well the laughing isn’t either…. but i’m doing both. a. lot. annoying.

I feel like i’m right on the cusp of something kinda awesome, and in the next breath i feel stuck and hopeless…… although i think that’s kinda normal…. it’s hard not to see the such a wretch as I when THE COMPARISON is so—- words words words words——

i want to walk in the cold and let the air burn my lungs and i want to dance and sing and climb trees and sit in my big date chair under a lamp and read and write and ponder and wonder and dream.  watch the clouds and the stars and tell silly stories and giggle and wiggle and play…. aaahhhhh.  seriously. i’m crazy right now.


The one about the new year

1 01 2011

2010 wasn’t the best year ever. and although i’m pretty glad to leave it behind, i do have to be glad for parts of it.  making new friends, making close friends, and getting closer to old friends.  starting a business with my sister which has been quite the adventure, and challenging at times, but a lot of fun, and has been blessed more than i could have imagined.  (shame on me)

this coming year… which i plan on being much better than the last…. i’ve been inspired by the most wonderful stephanie (she’s seriously pretty great if you don’t know her)  to make a new kind of resolution this year…. she has been challenged instead of making traditional resolutions, to have a specific verse sorta be her mantra for the year….. and when reading her post, i knew pretty immediately what i wanted mine to be….

I had a conversation with my parents the other night sprung on by my nephew’s wisdom, “be generous with your knowings.”   about being intentional in all things that we do…. making the things you do, the things you say, your study, and time alone with God, intentional… not accidental, or haphazard, but on purpose…. and i think that that’s worship….. so… 2011, i want to Colossians 3:17  “Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father.”

ode to the neti pot

13 12 2010

Neti pot neti pot netti all the way

You know how to clear my head

On cold and yucky days, HEY!

Neti pot neti pot

Neti all day long

This winter season you

Will keep me

Happy, well, and Strong!

This message has been brought to you by the national coalition for happy sinuses.

blue eyed elephant peeing

6 12 2010

this summer with the one and only miss levan type person i’m looking forward to many more gems like this one.

there was a man named john wilkes booth

he shot lincoln and that’s the truth

he went to get his mail one day

and heard that lincoln was to be at the play

he waited for the funniest line

because he knew it’d be the very best time

john opened the door and pointed the gun at his head

before you knew it, Lincoln’s almost dead

John was fast, he ran like a fox

But they caught him in a big burning box

anything you can do i can do better

2 12 2010

last night devos with the nazies was pretty epic….. not just because we watched a clip from toy story 3…. or that the girls DOMINATED in neighbor screwing….. or EVEN to find out that josh does an excellent cho imitation in his absence, but that there was some pretty good God stuff going on.

In Genesis 15 we see where God is making his covenant with Abraham…. pretty important stuff….. And we see where God tells Abraham that he is going to be greatly blessed…. and Abraham responds with a little bit of sass….. he says basically, what could you possibly give me???  I can’t even have any kids…. anything you give to me will be wasted because i have no one to receive an inheritance from me…..  This is when God takes Abraham outside and shows him the sky and says…. “Look toward heaven, and number the stars, if you are able to number them.  So shall your offspring be.”

God is infinitely to the infinite power more creative than we are.   Abraham couldn’t see beyond his circumstances to see how God could bless him.   And God took him by the hand and said… yeah you’re right, in your little head, it can’t be done, because what you have right now is all you can do…. but then God took him outside and said but look at what I can do.

And i swear, sitting there on that big comfy couch in my sweats between 2 nice boys,  God gave me an elbow to the gut.   Have you gotten an elbow of holiness lately???   What was it about??

reconnaissant trois

15 11 2010

I am thankful for conversations like this….

“uhg the mcrib is back”-mom

“I love the mcrib”-me

“the only thing rib about a mcrib are the bumps in the patty”-mom

“whatever, that is solid rib composite”-me



I am also thankful for casey lacher….. 1. because she’s AWESOME (that’s 4)  and 2. because she can induce posts like this:

thankful part duex

13 11 2010

i’m thankful for winning trivia teams.  for real. i know this seems silly… but it’s really fun when you win.  And having fun while playing trivia is good too.

I’m thankful for beating matt in cards…. especially when he assures me it won’t happen.  REALLY thankful for that.

i’m also thankful for big movies.  most of the time, anyway

Thankful month

9 11 2010

i feel like november is the month that we at least become aware of all of the things we are thankful for…. and i’ve been meaning to highlight some of those things in my life right now…. and i meant to start at the beginning of the month…. but you know how it goes…..  so today i’m thankful for friends….

old faithfuls that i’ve had for years and years and will have for years and years.  our relationships have evolved but we still always stay the same

For old friends who have had rejuvenations and become even more fun than they ever have been…. and i’m looking forward to the new adventures

for the fairly new but feel real old because she gets my filth inside and out and loves me anyway

for new ones that i’ve claimed to have adopted, but the truth is, they’ve grafted me in.

it’s been a season when i’ve needed y’all more than you probably know, or i have mentioned, but your friendship has not gone unnoticed or needed.  thank you.


middle school part 3

19 10 2010

last time in science i learned you can never say firm and limp in the same sentence to 8th graders….. today i got to teach about sexual and asexual reproduction….. i was excited…. uhg.

luckily the students were supposed to read and do a study guide on their own so i didnt’ have to teach it to the whole class…. but in the middle of class i had one girl who was pretty confused ask me to explain the difference…. and when i got done, i summarized by saying… sexual reproduction is with 2 organisms and asexual is with 1.   and her response was… oh, so asexual is when you’re doing it by yourself????  The rest of the class died laughing, and i turned about 12 shades of red, i’m sure…. uhg, middle school.

my phone isn’t communicating with the internet so i’m catching you up

14 10 2010

checking things off the list, oh yeah!

a few hours after this picture, a number 9 was added and all but number 5 were marked off…. with a red marker… it was so satisfying.

one wooden desk, very useful!  free to loving home!  just come pick her up.

as of 7:30 pm cst on wednesday, october 13, 2010 this lovely gem was still available…. although i warn you, many old ladies in little cars and stout men in big pickup trucks have turned the corner onto westerholt very slowly to get a good look…. don’t wait too long folks! she’s gonna be gone!

Microwave s’more… all the taste, none of the fire

however, the chocolate gets extra melty and drips all over your fingers….. bummer or bonus?? you decide!

middle school part 2

7 10 2010

I’ve been in 8th grade the last two days…. and overall, it’s been pretty enjoyable… don’t get me wrong…. i’m not jumping ship, but i didn’t want to stab myself in the eye with a red hot poker, or an ice pick….. sooooo i’m not complaining…… i didn’t have to take away any cell phones, i only had to tell 3/4 of the students to put away their hoodies in the first hour of the first day before they quit trying to pretend they didn’t know that rule, only sent one student to the office, and i although i took away about 8 notes and doodle pages the first day, i only had to take away 2 the second day.  However, i did learn…. or was reminded a thing or two about middle schoolers.

1. when boys are trying to be “funny” and when you’re using perfume as an example of diffusion, they will try to make you mad by talking about farts instead….. if you tell them that’s a good example and go with it (because secretly you were kinda thinking it too) you win, and kiddos are putty in your hands.

2. no matter the context in which you are speaking…. even if it comes straight from the text book, you cannot under any circumstance say “limp” and “firm” in the same sentence to 8th graders.  oopsies.

middle school

27 09 2010

today i subbed in middle school.  have i ever mentioned that middle schoolers are not my favorite??? they aren’t.  So much angst and attitude. uhg.  I can relate to Mrs. Thompson’s sentiment of only wanting to teach juniors and seniors….   After taking a cell phone away from a girl, i was talking about why she was getting it taken away when her buddy sitting next to her pulled out her phone to text…. SERIOUSLY????  so dumb.  And then they of course get all angry and attitudey with me, because CLEARLY, it was my fault they lost their phones.  But you know….  i wasn’t all mean…. i gave the girls advice before heading to the principal’s office.  I said…. before you go, let me give you some advice…. ( and since i was in the room as a push in teacher and mrs. spihlman was the real sub) she says…. ooo everyone listen, this will be good…… so i tell them…. listen up ladies, i’ve known Mr. McGill for quite some time… and here’s how it works…. he’s not gonna play your game,  so you might as well play his.  When he gets on ya about having your phones, don’t roll your eyes, and don’t make up an excuse, he knows them all better than you.  Say yes sir, I’m sorry, you’re right, or just listen and he will be MUUUUCH easier on you… 100% of the time.  You’ll still get what you earn…. but you won’t get any extra. Have fun!  haha. (that last part might have been said a little patronizingly).   So….. i guess middle school isn’t ALL bad.  They do get my humor…. AND i can say things like…. get up off of your rusty dusty and get to work….. a definite plus.

Lessons from Joshua

8 08 2010

visiting a church in California with good friend tasha, the pastor finished a series in Joshua.  In in he talked about Josh at the end of his life, urging the Israelites to remember the promises that God has given them and to also heed his warnings.  The pastor talked about how easy it is for us to jump onto God’s promises but we turn a deaf ear to his warnings.  We need to be careful to know that God will be true to both…. and the problem comes when we forget that the Kingdom of God is now, but also, not yet….. so if we forget about the not yet part, and get discouraged or give up….. then we will soon be readying ourselves for the warnings…… Anyway….. today on my sister’s 25th birthday, i couldn’t help but think how great it is to be able to have faith in a God who will without a doubt fulfill his promises…. I had to stop and thank him that today, for my sister, His promises are complete. And she has been made whole, and someday they will be for me too.

it’s been….

2 08 2010

a long silence….. it’s hard to write when you don’t have anything to write about…. or at least nothing you want to tell….  just stopping to say hello…..   i hope to be back soon.  oh and there’s a mouse scuttering above my head that will probably keep me up tonight. glory.

Probably the sweetest, brightest girl in kindergarten

17 05 2010

says to me today….. Miss McGill, have you seen Tommy Boy???  and i stop dead in my tracks and turn very slowly to make sure i heard that out the the mouth of precious little L…… Her blonde-curl-framed-face full of grins told me i did.  So i replied with a yes?…. why?  And her response was priceless…. so much so that i had to take her down to my room to my camera to somewhat re-create.   it’s not as good as the first time around…. but you’ll get the idea.

and after the break…. i’ll figure out how to post the video…. apparently the format isn’t good…. so for now i’m linking you to my facebook page.

spring break suckuhs

5 04 2010

that’s what my niece says when you ask her about spring break.  She’s three.  My brother pretty much thinks she’s a really neat toy.  This was my spring break…. and i didn’t really mean to, but i took it off.  It was a great week, i got to go to arkansas and spend a fantastic few days with boof and fam…. I got to see lots of all of my family….. i hadn’t been home for easter in about 4 years so it was really fun to watch the kiddos go crazy.  We had a family come forward for salvation at church.  I found out that one couple in my family will be welcoming a little boy to the family soon, and another couple in my family announced their pregnancy.  So excited for everyone and lots of prayers are going up.  In the midsts of all of that, i haven’t run all week. fail.  back to the grindstone tomorrow…… oh and i nearly burned down a friend’s house.  Good thing her husband was there to save the day.

all worked up and nowhere to spit

22 03 2010

Today was the 1st day of week 2 of my couch to 5k endeavor.  last week in between a 5min warm-up/cool-down i had 8 cycles of running 60 seconds with a 90 second brisk-walk recovery.  This week in between my up/downs i have 6 cycles of 90 seconds running and a 2 min recovery.  It wasn’t HORRIBLE. (it wasn’t good, i didn’t enjoy it…. but i didn’t want to die).  I feel like i cheated a little as i usually run outside, but today i just did it in the basement.  It took me a couple of min to find a natural feeling stride….. but once i did, it wasn’t bad…. there are for sure some pros to doing it at home… but some cons too…. for instance…

  • Pro-  no one has to see you
  • Con- the folks probably didn’t appreciate my guttural groaning in my last cycle
  • Pro- it doesn’t matter what the weather is doing or what time of day it is…. i can still run
  • Con- It doesn’t matter what the weather is doing or what time of day it is….I can still run
  • Con- When you’re just moving up and down and not so much forward, i can feel all the parts moving that shouldn’t be moving.
  • Pro- I don’t have to run against the wind
  • Con- no breeze to keep me cool
  • Pro- my legs don’t get cold so i don’t get all red and splotchy and itchy.
  • Con- since i’m not getting cold…. i just sweat extra
  • Pro-i can sit my water right next to me and grab a sip without having to carry it when i run
  • Con- there’s no where to spit…. seriously where does all the mucus suddenly come from when i start running….. positively ridiculous
  • Pro- I feel like i should end on a positive note…. i don’t have anything else to say.  OH OH pro- i ran.

smacked in the face

20 03 2010

sometimes life smacks you in the face.  It’s usually not fun when it does….. like now.  the good news is, the singles ministry was in full bloom tonight, glad for good friends.  (the ones who don’t mind when you’re grumpy or in your pj’s)

tomorrow is worship team practice, driving dad all over, baby shower, running, and niece time.  last day on this weeks running podcast….. what’s next week hold???? bum bum bum.

not a new habit

18 03 2010

just because i can do it doesn’t mean it should be a new habit……making my bed, yes.  running…. trying to make it a habit.  today my alarm didn’t go off and i woke up at 7:17am. i took a shower, fixed my hair, put on make-up fixed my lunch on top of all the necessities, and still made it to work 2min early….. which by the way is at 7:38am except it was really 7:36 because the clock at school is 2min fast.  that means from waking up to walking in the door at work was 19min.  the password should be kristi is awesome.  although i’m not making it a habit.  it stressed me out bad.

BTW. my house is all march madness….. until a little later it’s yoga central.


17 03 2010

Today after school, Logan was in the bathroom doing his business when he yells from the rest room-

L-Aunt Kristi!!!!!! i neeeeed tOOOIIIlet paper!!!

Me-  hang on a sec… on my way ( i went to get a new roll from the closet, but there was a stack of towels on top of the rolls so it took me a second)…. as i was pulling the roll out of the closet….

L- Come ooooooooonnnnnnnnn!!!!  NOW!

as i open the door and set the roll on the counter i say…. You should probably try saying please

L- Please isn’t the password, the password is Logan is awesome!

(at this point i had to shut the door because i don’t want him to see me cracking up)

Me-  well… that’s not my password

L- you’re password is aunt kristi is boring!!!

Me-(sucking in my smile and opening the door) well maybe you should try again (and i took the roll off the counter and took it out with me and walked away)

L- HEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!……………………….. aunt kristi, will you please bring me some toilet paper

Me (opening the door and putting it on counter)  sure. (smile)

L- thanks aunt kristi

(i win)

on a side note…. today was my running day….. and i REALLY didn’t want to run. REALLY REALLLY.  my legs were pretty stiff today.  BUT i went.  i’ve stretched a ton, and i’m not less sore…. but i did it.  and it might have been a little easier than it was on monday. maybe.  big maybe.  but i did it. blah.