Chicagoland’s not so great

11 02 2008

So i’m at church yesterday at grace, and i’m sitting in our sunday school class.  There is a girl in class that is new to us as she recently moved from Hawaii.  She heard that I’m from Illinois and got really excited because her mom grew up in Gurnee, Il and she has a lot of family there and in Chicago.  I explained to her that although I’m in Illinois, i’m not actually all that close to Chicago… closer to St. Louis… blah blah blah.   Well apparently she wasn’t paying  attention  and  when we got to the foyer just before service, she finds her mom and excitedly tells her…. this is Kristi, she’s from chicago!  Mom’s face lights up and can’t wait to talk to me.  I shake her hand and say, actually I’m from Southern Illinois, just outside St. Louis.  Her face completely drops says, oh, and walks away.  What the crap??

On a brighter note, one of my students… Caleb… he’s our drummer…. he’s crazy good…. wore a Saluki basketball jersey to youth.  I thought it was weird and asked if he had any connection and he said that he just won the jersey from a coke bottle cap and figured he should still wear it even though he didn’t know who they were.  haha.




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