Mr. Wonderful

16 02 2008

Last night i went out on a great date with a super great guy.  Unfortunately I had to buy him.

One of the organizations at school sponsored a Mr. Wonderful auction.  They auctioned off about 22-25 single guys on campus to raise money for 85hundred.  85hundred is an organization that gives healthcare to the people of Africa suffering from AIDS. (8500 people die everyday from AIDS or AIDS related illness)

Anyway one of my best friends was being auctioned off and he was terrified that no one would bid on him.  He’s an off campus student and worried that no one would really know who he was and so he’d get the pity minimum bid.  So, he slipped me a twenty and asked me to come and bid on him.  I added my own twenty to the pile (come on it’s for a good cause) and got a couple of friends to big against me so he could go for a respectable amount.  I’m not gonna lie, it was terribly embarrassing.

Everyone who bought a date was given a curfew extension and didn’t have to be in until 2am, so we went to starbucks and enjoyed a cup of coffee, then rented a movie and watched it at his apartment with his roommates.  I may not have been the best date, as most of the girls paid for their men then took them out to dinner at real restaurants…..seriously who has the money to buy their date and then spend money on them.  But none the less it was a lot of fun, i don’t think nate was disappointed.  After all, he did pay and beg to have himself bought.




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