Bare Rock Oh Momma!

19 02 2008

Today is President’s Day. Waxahachie ISD was in session today, so I had to work. At the beginning of the day, I usually try to get my Kindergarten kiddos to talk about what they learned at school that day. Since it’s President’s Day, I asked the kids what they knew about Presidents. Most of them said that George Washington was the first, that he cut down a cherry tree, and that he couldn’t lie. A couple of other kids threw out the name George Bush, but that was about all I got. So I asked the kids if they knew that we were getting ready to get a new president. They didn’t, and asked me who it was going to be. And i said we don’t know yet, we have to vote. One of my kids, Trayvion, was begging, come on, just tell us. (I guess he didn’t quite get that no one knows yet, he thought i was just keeping a secret.) Anyway I did tell them that it would be one of three people…. John McCain, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. And then I asked them who they would vote for. They pretty much said Barack Obama unanimously…. but that’s because they thought i was saying Bare Rock Oh Momma, and cracked up laughing. I couldn’t convince them that Bare Rock Oh Momma is a real person, and that’s his real name….. So America… 5 year olds pretty much unanimously will vote Obama… but that’s because they think he’s a joke.




4 responses

19 02 2008

Kids say the darndest things!!!

19 02 2008
Dad (Butch)

Just so you get a response from me?! I really don’t have a response to this blog! I get on and read Kelli’s every once in awhile usually just to catch up on Elle!

19 02 2008

Elle recognizes Obama on TV and yells “NO MOMMA!”

19 02 2008

that’s classic. i think i’m going to yell no momma every time he comes on tv too

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