21 02 2008

Today was kinda a whiny day for all the kids at the Y.  I don’t know if it was the weather front coming in or what (it was getting ready to rain buckets).  But almost every single one of my kids cried today about something.  We also got a new student today and in the special notes section on his registration form, his dad put that he tends to have accidents…. great.  Anyway back to whining.  All the kids are crying and i’m going nuts.  Finally we take the kids inside and one of my precious little girls was throwing a bloody fit because she wasn’t the line leader.  I told her she wasn’t going to be the leader and she needed to stop crying, but she’s very persistent, so I was trying my best to ignore her…. although difficult because i’m about at the end of my rope.  Finally, one of my boys, exasperated, yells… Kennedy, good grief, stop whining!!!  She immediately corked it.  Thank you Tray, you’re the best.




2 responses

21 02 2008
Dad (Butch)

So are you feeling better or is it still hot in here? Getting anxious to see you it won’t be long!!

21 02 2008

I am feeling better… finally. Hopefully it’ll stay that way. We have a fire drill after midnight tonight so i don’t get to get as much sleep as i’m hoping for. I’m getting anxious to be home too!

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