25 02 2008

Is it weird that I always seem to look at the clock when it’s 12:34…. it’s one of my favorite times… you know because of the 1-2-3-4 thing…. anyway… it’s never intentional, yet it always seems to happen.

I saw it snow real flakes last night…. err… this morning?… for the first time since I went to Texas, the weather never seems to cooperate when i’m home, but it did today.  It didn’t drop much, but it was enough that the ground was covered and everything was beautiful this morning.  It even made that great crunch sound when i walked across it on the driveway to get to my car.  I had nearly forgoten that sound… ah! it’s amazing.

I went to my brother’s tonight and we watched mike huckabee on youtube.  I guess he was on SNL and he basically made fun of himself for still being in the race.  Man I love that guy…. Oh and i saw this other clip with him on Leno or some other late night show…. anyway.  The guy who posted the video was making a big deal about this being why this guy should never run for public office…. basically the clip was of Huckabee telling a story of when he was in college him and his buddies caught some squirles and wanted to cook em up, but lived in a dorm so they used their pop corn poppers to deep fry the suckers.  and i say, that’s exactly the kind of guy I want in office…. come on… intuitive, flexible, frugal…. what more could we want???




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25 02 2008

i heart mike huckabee! he was HILARIOUS on snl. i can only guess he’s trying to get the vp nomination. either that or this is the most fun he’s had in a long time and he just wants to keep it going. it’s about time we have a politician that can have fun with life AND stand firm on his beliefs. seems like the kind of guy that could handle the stress of the office. sj’s parents said he did a GREAT job as gov in arkansas.

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