28 02 2008

I’ve decided that it really bugs me when Paula Abdul tells someone that they’re a real good singer and makes the g hard.  This is not how this word is said… sin-GER.  Stupid.

I also hate when people call crayons “crowns”  how does crayons become crowns?  They aren’t even kinda the same.

I don’t think i’m necessarily a critical person…. for instance i can deal with the president’s nucular/ nuclear fiasco.  I don’t mind when people say samwich instead of sandwich.  I don’t care if people say probly instead of probably. But please say crayons, and don’t pronounce the G in singer… the ing rule still applies, even if it’s in the middle of a word.




3 responses

28 02 2008

it’s supposEDly…not supposEBly! oh, it makes me crazy.

29 02 2008

my brother says “crowns”. we make fun of him a LOT!

29 02 2008

also, slightly different, but i can’t stand it when people are trying to say they don’t care at all and say “i could care less” instead of “i couldn’t care less”. really? you could care less? then you have some level of caring. and since i COULDN’T care less (as in, it’s not possible because i care NOT), then YOU make the choice of restaurants! GRRR!!

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