picture post

28 02 2008

I thought i’d spend sometime putting in some pics of my kids for your viewing pleasure….


this is a tent the kids made in the cafeteria…. they played in it for like 45 min…. which is a super long time for 5 year olds.  My favorite part was when one of my girls lined up the boys and told them which jonus brother they were. lol


this is Austin… we were playing hide and seek and these two laundry baskets were his hiding spot.  The kids didn’t find him for like 15 min.  Finally when his twin brother Jacob asked where Austin was and was convinced that someone stole him, Austin came jumping out of the baskets laughing.

I have two more pics, but for some reason they keep uploading sideways and no matter what i do they won’t rotate…. maybe i’m stupid… any suggestions?




2 responses

28 02 2008
Dad "Butch"

No suggestions for the stupid part but how are you feeling? Has the meds Dr. Kazden given you helped?

28 02 2008

feeling much better. thanks. and thanks for the stupid too.

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