Good News Bad News

29 02 2008

Today Traviyon, one of my students, greeted me with a big hug, which he often does.  Well today was a very special day because he hugged me, then pulled back and looked at my stomach, then hugged me again, then pulled back and looked at me and said…. Miss Kristi, You’re loosin weight!  You lookin goooood!

HAHA! YESSS I win!!!! I don’t care if he’s 5, i’m taking it.  Especially considering this is the same kid who a couple weeks ago he poked me in the stomach and told me i had a squishy belly button.

Unfortunately my bubble was burst when Trayviyon’s mom came in and informed me that i looked terrible and should consider taking vitamins.  Bwah Bwah




2 responses

29 02 2008

hmmm….well, i’d go with the theory that kids are brutally honest and adults are bitter, angry people. you’re probably doing fine!

29 02 2008

seriously people should just keep it to themselves! I can totally relate. Atleast she didn’t tell you you looked pregnant.

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