crappy jacks

3 03 2008

I graduate in may and thus far i have made it my entire SAGU career without twirping anyone…. fyi.  twirp (the woman is required to pay) is a week when girls pick the boy of their choice, make some obnoxious sign for a boy or make them wear some stupid shirt saying they’ve been twirped, then take the boy out on a date.  The whole thing is a secret and the boys don’t find out who twirped them until the date.  (i know what you’re thinking… isn’t this like high school….. yes, yes it is)

Anyway, my RA really wants to twirp someone but won’t do it alone and i’m pretty sure she’s gonna make me have a twirp.  This is me not excited.




One response

3 03 2008

hahahaha…..just like i said. things are falling into place. i think you know what i’m talking about. but i won’t get specific on a public forum! your welcome.

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