Cherry Bombs

4 03 2008

Remember back in grade school when everyone used to have contests to see who could take the kickball and kick the best “cherry bomb” aka drop kick the ball as far as you could.  Well I had visions of that today at work… except i was thinking about what kid’s head i could drop kick the farthest.  It was a rough day.

One of my boys… Eli….


threw up today.  We were sitting at snack and he all of the sudden leaned over and threw up.  Luckily it was only a tiny bit, and he was on the end of the bench so he did it away from everyone else.  The best part was after i got the boy and the mess cleaned up and i sat Eli down to talk to him.  I asked him if he still felt sick, and he was like no way, i feel fine.  So then i asked him what made him sick… his answer…. Zack (who was sitting next to him) made snot come out his nose and it was really green and then i threw up.

He said it all matter-of-factly… then he farted really loud… and he fell over laughing.

I cracked up too…. and then i smelled it… good grief!




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