Coolest Ever

5 03 2008

Today I was so proud of myself and decided that i’m the coolest site director ever.  i implemented a new classroom management tool.  I painted a yardstick with a green section, yellow section, and red section.  Each student has a clothes pin with their name on it.  They all start in the green section and if they are acting up I have them go and get their pin and move it to the yellow section.  If they get to the red section…. no sticker.  If a kid gets a sticker all 5 days of the week, they get to pick out of the treasure box.  The kids were eating it up.

So then we head outside and i’m feeling pretty cool so when the boys wanted to get sticks and dig in the dirt, I decided to encourage their curiosity and creativity.  So I had them dig and tell me about what they were finding, and then they made up stories about digging for treasure and the little pebbles were gold and jewels.  So we’ve got science going and creative story telling and imagination junk happening.  Pretty cool right?  I’m stinking amazing right?  yeah well then they boys found worms…. this is not ok.

I do not do worms.  So i made all the boys get up and leave the area and banned everyone from the dirt for the rest of the day.  The boys were pretty upset with me.  But all i could picture was them picking our the worms and throwing them on me, ganging up on me and knocking me over and putting worms in my hair….. trying to make me eat worms….. chasing me around the yard and putting worms in my underpants…. wait that last one was my brother when i was like 4… but still…. I was terrified.




One response

6 03 2008

he did that to you??? why have i never heard this story???

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