Girls’ night out

5 03 2008

tonight my RA, Adriane, and I went out for sushi.  It was amazing.  I ate too much.  But now I feel happy.  then we went to bread co to get some green tea.  I guess i’m super hot today, because the guy working decided that he didn’t want me to pay for my tea.  He put it in the big glass and gave it to me for free.  With a wink.  Then he slipped me his number…… ok not really.  It was closing time, and he probably already shut down the register and just forgot to lock to door.  But I do look cute today…. and he did smile.

This is the yummy yummy sushi…. that’s salmon, tuna, and yellow fin…. mmmm


This is me enjoying my last bite…. jealous aren’t you??





3 responses

5 03 2008

you DO look hot today! i love your top 🙂

5 03 2008
Dad "Butch"

ok what’s the deal with your blog clock? It is still the 4th not the 5th and I know Kelli did not respond at 4:50 a.m. I guess when I post and see my time I will know how far off it is!! Also, you need to probably use the “Judy” word………Cute…….NOT HOT!!!!!


5 03 2008
Dad "Butch"

ok your 6 hours fast!

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