Snowmounding In Texas

8 03 2008

So my “brother” Scott has this great snowmounding blog. It’s basically all about climbing those giant piles of snow left over from the plows. You know you climb, take a picture, document the hight… yadda yadda . Well we here in Texas, we got a little snow over night. By 11:30 this morning it had pretty much all melted except for a few patches in the shade… however, someone took pretty much all the snow from one section of yard in front of my building and made a snowball. I immediately thought of Scott’s new pass time and I couldn’t resist. So you’ll have to excuse the fact that you can’t really see the whole snowball… or my head… but I did the best i could by myself, with my phone, trying to hurry so that no one saw me taking a picture of myself while squatting on a snowball….Scott, this one’s for you.


Waxahachie, TX…. elevation 376 feet

Snow”mound”…… elevation 377 feet 6 inches





One response

12 03 2008

Thanks sister!
I feel so honored.
Snow Mounding is sweeping the Nation!

“Keep Mounding…but most of all, Keep Safe”

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