Today at the Y

10 03 2008

Woo… today was a day… there were some good points and some bad ones…

  •  I had a puker today… not a lot, but still a mess to clean up
  • Carlos went bowling over the weekend and won this  bracelet especially for me.


you can’t tell that well but that is a rubber tube with purple glitter inside… amazing (and kelli, that is my gap tank)

  • One of my boys pushed another in playing, but the pushee tripped and fell, as his mom walked in and she FREAKED!  she began to cuss at the little boy that pushed her boy.  (remember, he’s 5)  I had to remove her.
  • I smiled at another one of my boys and he got really embarrassed and hid.  He then asked me the rest of the day if i would smile at him some more.
  • I over heard two of my boys discussing how hot I am.

overall, i’d say the good outweighs the bad




2 responses

10 03 2008
Kelli McGill

how in the world do you still have that tank top. is it white? i threw mine away years ago because it was yellowing! apparently i’m sweatier than you.

love the bracelet! how sweet.

you removed a mom! parents are one aspect of teaching that i don’t miss. i always said that college should have a whole course on how to deal with them. ick.

10 03 2008

yeah… parents are the worse. I had to walk her outside to calm her down, try and make her happy, and explain to her that although i understand her frustration, I cannot allow her to talk to my students like that…. it was scary.
and my tank top is still white… i don’t really have sweaty pits. and i only wear it as an undershirt. I also have a black one and a green one and a purple one. =)

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