Things I sometimes miss

12 03 2008
  • curling iron bangs(not to be confused with fluffy bangs (sara wood bangs) although those were great too)…. I rocked um ’99-’01…. I know it sounds late for curling iron bangs…. but Roxana was cool.  I think the best part was curling them wet so they’d stay all day… you can’t beat that sizzle. This isn’t even close to the prime of my curling iron bangs… i worked um way better than this… but this is the only picture i can currently find….


  • slap bracelets… nothing says i’m into fashion and also into having a good time like a slap bracelet.
  • tight rolling your jeans.  The girls in my youth group were discussing old fashion trends so i brought up tight rolling… they had never heard of it, so i HAD to demonstrate… they thought it was ridiculous.  I wore my jeans tight rolled the rest of night… i think it might make a come back.
  • When sesame street was quirky and funny instead of politically correct.  I’m pretty sure Jim Henson is rolling in his grave…. Seriously look up some old Sesame street videos on youtube… it used to be great
  • Living with sisters that I could share clothes with…. my wardrobe is so much smaller than it used to be

ok i can’t write anymore right now… boof just called me and she’s at the michael buble concert in nashville, and i’m listening…. somethings are better than posting.  you can call me a dork if you want.




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12 03 2008


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