my nephew’s cooler than your nephew

15 03 2008

Tiffany, Jeremy, and Logan were in town this weekend for a wedding, so I got to spend all day with them today.  It was fabulous as I don’t get to see family all that often especially here in Texas.  We took Logan to the Fort Worth Zoo… which by the way is a GREAT zoo and in some ways even better than the St. Louis zoo, which is saying a lot….

Anyway…. we got to the big cat area and there was a place with a big male lion (for you st. louisians, the place was a lot like where the polar bear is at the STL zoo) He was really close to us and even got up on a rock and roared at us… it was kinda frightening… but SUPER cool.  While we were watching him i asked Logan, “Is that a boy lion or a girl lion?” and logan answered, “it’s a boy” so I asked him, “how do you know” and he answered because it has hair all over its face.  And i said, ” very good that’s exactly right!”

The next place had two female lions and as we watched them there was a woman who said to her husband, “Aww look, they must be young, because they haven’t grown their manes yet.”  Logan looked at her and said, “No those are girls they don’t grown hair on their face.”  Her husband cracked up… I bit my tongue to keep from laughing and tried to ignore the situation.




3 responses

16 03 2008

it’s even funnier b/c her husband was laughing!

17 03 2008

My comment is “no comment.”

25 03 2008

Hey sis! Nice story. I decided to join this web community. Visit me!

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