21 03 2008

I had to be at work today at 6:15 after a night of tossing and turning… i maybe slept maybe 2 and 1/2 hours last night.  I didn’t have time to drink a cup of coffee this morning and sense i have misplaced all of my travel mugs, i couldn’t take coffee with me.  (Not a good start).  So i thought, no big deal, i’ll just get a cup of coffee at the Y…..  Yeah… i didn’t know that coffee could smell and taste JUST like burned popcorn.  I was supposed to get off work today at 12:30… I was finally able to leave a few minutes before 3.

When i got home, Mom called to see if i had gotten the package she sent me… I hadn’t as our mail room is closed all week for spring break.  Mom couldn’t handle me not getting my Easter package after Easter, so she suggested I call the Post Office to see if I could pick up my package there.  I looked up the number and called.  I told the lady that I attend SAGU and before I could finish my sentence, she says…. “Is this Kristi??!!  I have your package!!! Come and Get it!!”  I was like wow… that’s weird.

Apparently, while i was looking up the number to the post office, the post office was calling my mom to see if I could come get my package.  (I should say she sent me my package in a honey baked ham box, and the post office thought I was receiving a ham that would go bad over the weekend)

So i got home and opened up a box full of great Easter candy…. and some weird orange cream and coco peeps…. a flower garden… and SOME COFFEE!!!!!!  I think my mom’s a prophet, knowing how awful my morning would be today to make sure i’d get coffee in the mail this afternoon.




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