Back at the Y

24 03 2008

After a week of vacation club… a whole week of various kids from all the schools together at the Y.  I was ready to be back at my school with my kids.  My obnoxious, loud, bouncing off the wall kindergarteners, were looking pretty good after a week of snotty attitude filled 10 year olds.

Today two of my girls had some expired six flags coupons and were pretending that they were tickets to the Hannah Montana concert they were putting on. They passed the tickets out, but one of the boys, Levi,  took all of the “tickets” starting a little fight between him and Kennedy (Hannah Montana). It went a little bit like this:

Kennedy:  Give em back, they’re not yours!

Levi: I’ll give em to you for twenty dollars

Kennedy: How bout you give em to me and i’ll give you a high five

Levi: At the concert?

Kennedy: yeah yeah! at the concert! I’ll give you a high five

Levi: ok

And he handed them over…. Man i wish that i could talk into giving me something for a high five instead of $20… I’d eat out a lot more often




One response

3 04 2008

Hey! i thought this was really funny– i can see that happening! I miss those kids! It sounds like yall are having tons of fun!! I read your one about knock knock jokes too, that’s hilarious. 🙂 See you later!

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