26 03 2008

Why is Reyes not being considered for the starting 5?  he’s not a great pitcher but he does have the 2nd lowest ERA and 2nd most Ks in spring training.  Wellemeyer, Looper, and Thompson are all getting spots above him, but haven’t performed as well.  Reyes is being considered for a pen spot, but most think that Reyes isn’t cut out for a relieving job…. he’d be MUCH better suited to go to Memphis than the pen…. however, Thompson IS a good candidate for the pen… and he hasn’t pitched as well as Reyes…. why don’t they switch?? at least until we can get one of the SIX pitchers put on the DL healthy…. UHG.




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26 03 2008

think of a person that you know that gets on your nerves. think of the feeling you get every time they open their mouth to say something. think about how you wish that they would just shut up before you’ve ever given them the chance to finish their sentence. shouldn’t you at least hear them out? they may have something worthwhile to say just this once, yet you can’t get past the annoyed feeling every time you see them.

that’s how duncan views reyes as a pitcher. it doesn’t matter what he does today or tomorrow or the next day.

26 03 2008

well maybe… duncan can recognize that Reyes has some good stuff.. but needs some help refining it… instead of just being a hater… why not help the guy that frustrates you be less frustrating rather than helping him suck more??

26 03 2008

Um, you will loose me as a reader if you do too many baseball posts…just so you know.

26 03 2008

a woman after my own heart. come home and we can get red and white body paint and become the cardinals best live out loud fans they have ever seen…..

i can’t actually promise that i will do that cause i have school…but if we post blogs that state we do there will be no way for people to prove that we don’t.

chew on it for awhile. let me know what you think.

26 03 2008

I’m with Kelli. We can boycott together.

26 03 2008

jeez girls… it’s the only one i’ve ever done… and it was only like 5 seconds long… calm your booties. and i would appreciate a little more support. it hurts my feelings.

26 03 2008
Dad "Butch"

Kristi be who you are do not be influenced by those other girls who don’t understand the value of being a TRUE red blooded Cardinal fan! Live up to your genetics ……know what I mean? As for the blog…….Wellemeyer is the guy who should be out…look at his strikeout to walk ratio!!!!!!!! It doesn’t really matter because someone else is going to have the spot by May 1 anyway. My take also is the reason Tony wants him in the bull pen is because when Wellemeyer tanks in the first or second inning………Here comes Reyes!
Opening day is 5 days away!!!!!

29 03 2008

Yeah, yeah! What your dad said!! Thank heaven for Cardinals Opening Day- one of the things I miss most about St. Lou…

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