Spring cleaning

26 03 2008

So i’m proud of myself… I have a guest staying with me tomorrow for campus days… thus, i have rearranged all my stuff… i’ve dusted, i’ve vacuumed, all my laundry is washed and put away, i’ve washed all the bedding and all the towels (even the ones that were clean but on the shelf for a while so that they’d all smell fresh) I even cleaned the microwave… you know when you don’t bend down to look in there, you don’t notice how gross that gets… blech. It was kinda ridiculous…. but it’s clean now!….

Oh and today one of my kids, Michael gave me a big bag of pecans…. i don’t know what to do with them… I should probably point out that everyone here has pecan trees in their back yards… so my pecans are in the shells… i don’t know how to crack them and then i don’t know what i’d do with them after they were cracked… make a pie?  i think i’m going to throw them away… unless anyone wants a bag of pecans… i’ll mail them.

crap my socks haven’t matched all day.




3 responses

26 03 2008

I’m sure mom would be proud… you know you have made public the fact that you capable of cleaning your room. You may have just shot yourself in the foot. Mom might stop doing it for you now… she might even make you do something crazy… like clean the bathroom! AGH! I know that you will probably not get assistance from your sisters anymore 🙂 Maybe you will, it depends on my mood… and if you are nice to me… and if I am not tired… and if I’m not busy… and if you aren’t busy… and if I am there… so basically you wont. (that is for the myspace thing) Love Ya!

27 03 2008

I am so proud! There is nothing worse than having to clean a dorm room. Yet, you have managed it. The microwave is always the worst. Have fun with your guest! Love ya!

27 03 2008
Mom (Judy)

Wow!! You are so good………keep up the good work. Keep the pecans…..we’ll deal with them when you come home. And the socks! That’s the “that’s life” category!!!

Love you…..

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