28 03 2008

Today was an early dismissal day for the school district i work in, so i had 24 kindergarteners from 12:00 til 6:30 rather than 2:30 to 6:30…. I’m pooped.  When i first got the the school to set up, a few of the classes were in the cafeteria eating lunch so i sat on the stairs of the stage waiting for the kids to finish.  One of the boys sitting at the table closest to me announced to the rest of the table that i was his girlfriend.  I looked at him and smiled setting the boys at table into a belly laugh.  He then began to stomp and hit the table to try to get me to look at him, and when i didn’t, his friend said, “You must not have taught her good, she ain’t payin’ you no ‘tention.”  I almost peed myself it was so funny.

Later when we were playing outside, one of my twin girls, Kerris, decided that i needed to wear her pink sunglasses… with hello kitty-type animals on them… they were awesome… i thought you might need a picture so that you can enjoy them as much as I





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30 03 2008


4 04 2008

Those are some hot shades! Hello Kitty rocks my socks!!

4 04 2008

I’m lovin’ those shades, Hello Kitty is my fav.

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