Best day ever

31 03 2008

WARNING!!!!  Baseball content!!!!

Today is the best day ever… Baseball opening day!  At last Baseball season is here, and really is there anything better than that?  Today i was really disappointed that I wasn’t going to be able to listen to the game as it started at 3pm and i work from 1:45-6:30… however, Dad being the great guy that he is… sent me text updates, letting me know that we were winning 5-1… but then no more updates, and i was beginning to freak out a bit…. So a rushed home from work and ran straight to the computer to check the scores… Then… due to tornado warnings (dumb reason) the internet didn’t work!!!  AAAHHH!!! what’s a girl to do??  But no fear the internet now works…. as you can tell by the post… duh.  I found out the game was rained out =(…. but it will be replayed at a very convenient time for me tomorrow!  Yippee for me!!!

Oh yeah, and earlier this evening, i was sitting in my car listening to the radio, and it was time to leave, but my windows were a little fogged… so i went to stick my head out the driver’s side window to see to back up.  Unfortunately, I noticed after i banged my head into the window, that it was only rolled it down a crack.  Sometimes i’m amazed at my own stupidity.




3 responses

1 04 2008

Wow Kristi. Sometimes I am suprised that we are not actually linked genetically. I have done that more times than you can imagine. Plus, this morning when I was getting out of the car, I hit the straw on my soda and punched a hole in the bottom of the cup. Presto! Diet Coke all over the van… my purse… my dress… and it made me late for a meeting. What is our deal? I like the fig leaf joke you sent to Joe. Where are my jokes? Logan tells your cookie joke to EVERYONE! Read my blog. Apparently he has autism.

1 04 2008

thanks for the warning…I’ll read your next post.

1 04 2008

ok, I came back to read the ending.

smooth…very smooth!

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