Sometimes My Kids are Creative

2 04 2008

Today, we were playing in the indoor play room… and my boys decided that I had to chase and tag them… but they kept changing what i was…. Sometimes I was an evil witch, (so I cackled and walked with a limp) and if i caught them they turned into frogs and had to hop across the room to get back to normal.  Then they made me be a black widow spider, and then when i caught them, I had to spin them in a circle 5 times then pretend to drink their blood.  Then I was an anteater and i had to put my hands on my nose to make a snout and walk around making a vacuum noise, and the kids were ants crawling around….  Maybe they’re just weird… but i think they’re creative.  It’s a relief to kids that don’t want to do anything but play video games and watch cartoons.

Also, this afternoon, one of my girls, Kerris, and I played dress up.  here’s some pictures… enjoy.


these are cinderella princess gloves… they barely fit.


these are a pair of amazing “sapphire” earrings.  If you look in the background, when this picture was taken, the kid in the blue stripes is running to get in the picture… he didn’t quite make it, but he did trip on a backpack, knocking into the Carlos right behind me… you can just see his light blue shirt.   Carlos fell over and landed on my lime-aid from sonic busting the cup, lime-aid everywhere… and Carlos’ rear was sopping wet.  In the next 5 seconds 4 kids came running to see what happened, slipped in the lime-aid, fell over and hit their heads or landed hard on the butts on the floor…. I love my job.  This photo shows the last second of un-hectic life.




One response

3 04 2008

Sounds like an eventful day at the Y!! Glad things are status quo. We got out of school at 9:30 a.m. today because a truck hit an electrical wire which knocked the power out to our school district. No power – no school!!! And, we don’t have to make up the day!!! Life is awesome…..luv ya!!

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