kindergarten Jokes

3 04 2008

Tyeler: Miss Kristi Miss Kristi… Knock knock!!

Me: whos there?

Tyeler: banana

Me: (thinking I know where this is going) banana who?

Tyeler: banana in the tree smells like bottom!! (he then laughs so hard he tripped and fell over)

Alexus: Knock Knock

Me: (hesitation)

Alexus: knock knock!

Me: who’s there

Alexus: strawberry

Me: strawberry who

Alexus: there was this one time that my mom bought me this strawberry shampoo and it really smelled like strawberries, and so when i was in the bath, i licked it, it was gross.

Me: wow, that was the best knock knock joke ever

Alexus: really? thanks!

Jack: Hey miss kristi, what do you get when you cross an ice cream sundae with a commode? (yes he actually said commode)

Me: hmm got me, what do you get?

Jack: I have no idea.

Me: cracking up. best joke i heard all day.




One response

4 04 2008

camode??? that’s amazing 🙂

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