Grossest Ever!

7 04 2008

Today at work i had my kids at the bathroom…. and one of my boys (Ryan) was taking a while… so i hollered in to check on him, and he proclaimed… “I’m number twoing!!” To try and speed the break up, i sent 3 boys at a time in to use the 3 available urinals while Ryan “two-ed” The next thing i know all three boys (not ryan) run out of the bathroom frantically telling me that ryan pulled his poop out with his hands and his hands are covered in it.  I’m pretty sure i kept my eyes the same size as i told the boys to wash their hands and i’d take care of it.  Well about that time, ryan came out of the bathroom…. and i guess he knew he’d be in trouble if he came out with poop all over his hands… so he tried to clean it off, so….. he came out with poop all over his shirt.  AAAAHHHH!!!  I made him scrub his hands super good…. and then i pretty much avoided him the rest of the day….. and i threw up in my mouth every time i saw him.




4 responses

7 04 2008

gah!! how much do you get paid???

7 04 2008

not enough…. not enough

8 04 2008
Kelli McGill

reason #279 that i will never teach kindergarten.

8 04 2008


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