I need your help….

8 04 2008

Today i said Hi to one of my favorite professors in the caf…. Dr. Dan Langston… Praise God.  Anyway, he asked where i’d been all semester and he was really upset he hadn’t gotten to spend time with me.  (Last spring i had two classes with him, Intro to Theology and Pentecostal Doctrine… and one day he had to cancel class and i got on a laughing kick, and it cracked him up and he couldn’t get it under control to read the Word of God… so he made everyone leave.)

Anyway…. he continued to tell me that he recently saw me on the internet…. WHAT?

Dr. Langston:  by the way, you’re lookin good on youtube

me: is that a joke?

Dr. Langston: no really, i saw you on there standing on your head

me: what??!

Amber: actually i think it was a tripod

me: oooooh…. CRAP!

Apparently a year ago or so, i was demonstrating to a couple of friends a tripod…. remember that thing you did in grade school gym class… where you put your head on the ground, hands next to your head then put your knees on your elbows and balance…… I think you’re then supposed to stretch your legs up so that you’re doing a head stand… but i can’t do that… i stick with the tripod….. ANYWHO…. I guess one of my friends videoed this on a camera and put it on youtube…. i had NO idea.  Amber said she’s seen it…. i searched several “key words” but i can’t find it…. anyone good at finding random things on youtube… you are welcome to try and find it… i’d like to see it…..

Wait… scratch that… i don’t want you seeing it… it could be embarrassing.  What was that??? there’s no video of me doing anything stupid on youtube…. are you crazy??? who said that?




One response

9 04 2008

i tried…no dice.

do you know which friend would have posted that? it may be easier to find their account than that particular video…they may even link to it from their facebook or myspace page (which is likely where your prof saw it).

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