I found it

11 04 2008

it’s only the first part… after that it’s other weird stuff from people i don’t know…. and it’s kinda stupid…. enjoy




3 responses

11 04 2008

i can’t hear anything. it’s all too high of a squeal for my audible range. i only know this b/c the dog was going NUTS!

11 04 2008

i’m pretty sure she said…

“where’s your crack? you don’t even have a crack!”


11 04 2008

yeah… that’s what she said… apparently, i have a really low butt crack… i always thought it was normal…. i guess it’s not… so i can sit down and my pants creep down and my butt crack doesn’t show like the other girls… they think it’s weird… i call it convenient. But Amber likes to remind me of my lack of crack as often as possible.

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