12 04 2008

This has been a long week at work.  My co-worker, Victor, was promoted and given a site director job at a different school, so i got a new guy.  Victor was my disciplinarian, because he’s a 6’2″ 350lb mexican.  The new guy pretty much does nothing… and when he does interact with the kids, he’s usually creating more chaos.  Added to my week, we got a new student who has autism, but isn’t calm like Jason, my other student with autism.  Jorge (he goes by georgie) is constantly trying to bolt out of an exit and throwing a fit.  Trying to wrangle that one while getting 23 other 5 year olds to calm down and sit is pretty much impossible.  Oh and jorge knows very little english and his parents don’t speak any, so I can’t communicate with them when i need to call them and have them pick Jorge up…. did i mention i just lost my 350lb mexican that can wrangle AND speak spanish…. ARG!!!

Anyway… i’m a little frustrated and we have the kids in the hallway using the restroom and getting drinks.  One of my boys, Ryan, is sitting in the middle of the hall, so i told him to move to the wall.  He looks at me and continues to sit.  So, being frustrated, raised my voice a bit and said, “Ryan, get your tush to the wall, NOW!”  he replied with, “Miss Kristi, what’s the magic word?”…. Knowing i’d been had, i took a breath and calmly said, “ryan, will you please move to the wall?”  he immediately got up and moved to the wall, and sat perfectly until we were ready to go inside.

A few minutes later, i pulled ryan aside and thanked him for reminding me that i need to say please.   sometimes i get caught up in getting kids to do what they need to do, that I forget that i need to treat them with respect too.  I’m still not saying please every time, but I’m trying.  Later that day, when i forgot to say please, Ryan told me i should say it 5 times in a row, then i might remember.  =)




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