Stink!…. bug

14 04 2008

On friday at work, the kids discoverd my intense fear of worms when one of the kids shoved one in my face and i ran screaming like a little girl…. Since then, the kids have been trying to get the same reaction from me by shoving sticks, grass, and other bugs in my face….

today the kids found a stink bug and shoved it in my face. I stayed very calm as i told the kids that this was a stink bug and they needed to not play with it. The boys ran screaming, threw the bug on the ground and stomped on it… their conversation that followed went a little like this.

Ryan C.: Eww look it has green blood

Austin: that’s not blood its slime

Ryan M.: Ooooo it smells good

Ryan C. and Austin: NO IT DOESN’T!!!

Ryan M: well i like it

Austin: you’re gross (Austin then began to gag and promptly threw up)

Gotta love boys and stink bugs.




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