Easiest 2 dollars i ever made

17 04 2008

today we had some really big storms hit the hatch…. well actually there were really big storms on the other side of fort worth…. tornadoes and baseball sized hail…. by the time it got to us it was a lot of lightning and pea-dime sized hail.   So I was in my room deciding to hit the sack early (about 9:45) when it started to hail.  I tried to watch from my window but it was hard to see how big the hail was…. so…. i went down to the lobby to watch the storm.  After a few the hail stopped and the rain came POURING down… you couldn’t even see our sister dorm about 25 yards away through the rain.  some friends and i stood in the doorways watching it when one girl said she wanted to go out and play, but she was chicken.  I told her i’d go with her but she still wasn’t feeling it.  (Everyone thought it was too dangerous to play since there was lighning… but i insisted that the lightning wasn’t that close and it would be fine)  So… i finally coaxed everyone out and we ran and splashed, but everyone else chickened out and ran back in after about 30 sec…. Back inside, I’m trying again to convince everyone that the weather is perfectly safe and to stop being pansies… and one guy offered me a dollar to full out “slip and slide’ across the yard.  Then another guy said he’s double it…. well that was all i needed, i was out and full out dive and slide about 25 feet down a hill into a huge muddy mess.  I stood up, completely covered in mud about a 1/4 inch thick.  Everyone cheered…. then i was trying to figure out a way to get all the mud off of me… so i laid in a big puddle on the sidewalk and rolled around to get the mud off…. at that the whole group came outside and we splashed for about a half an hour….. it was the best.




4 responses

18 04 2008

WHERE’S THE VIDEO?!?!?!?! that sounds EPIC! i got a buddy at seminary that went up to the roof during that storm when everyone was told to go to the basement. he said he saw the fronts colliding and the clouds were spinning at the top. i’m jealous!

18 04 2008

that makes me miss college. too fun!

did you hear that we had an earthquake up here last night??

18 04 2008

i love to play in the rain!!! that sounds like so much fun.

18 04 2008

Did you get your $2.00?

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