My kids are BRILLIANT

17 04 2008

Two of my boys…. twins Jacob and Austin… were really upset because several of my students have homework nightly, but these two never have any, and they wanted homework too.  I tried to explain to them that it was a good thing that they never had homework, it meant that they finished all their work at school.  They were still upset, so I offered to make them some homework…. they were thrilled.

I’m not sure where they are in math in their classes, so i started with simple addition with answers up to 10.  They blew through these… so we went to subtraction.  They didn’t quite get the subrtation symbol… so I made word problems… it helped them get the concept, but still added a level of difficulty because they had to read the words and comprehend them to answer the problem.  They still breezed through them without blinking…. so i decided to try and stump them.

The next word problem was two stepped.  I said that Dad had 4 suckers then gave one to Austin and ond to Jacob.  How many suckers does Dad have left…… No problem.  Now I’m really wanting to stump them so…. I go for division.  Mom has a bowl with 4 apples in it.  She splits the apples between Austin and Jacob.  How many apples does Austin have? How many does Jacob have?  They paused for about 5 seconds, then answered correctly….. I was torn between being disappointed and being really proud.

I told them that they just did division, and that they won’t learn that until 3rd grade.  When their dad got to the school to pick them up, Austin jumped up and said… “Guess what dad, today I did….. Miss Kristi… what was that I did???”

“That was division, Austin”

“Right, I did division, and guess what dad… i won’t learn that until 3rd grade!”

Dad was impressed…. I think tomorrow we’re going to go for derivatives.




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17 04 2008


17 04 2008

you know… i wrote differential equations, but then decided since i didn’t really know what they were… that i would change it to derivatives…. lol

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