Bella says this will be therapeutic

18 04 2008

Last night i had a dream that i had a urinary tract infection and I had to pee like every 10 min.  It was super annoying.  Well the last time i used the facilities in my dream, i actually got to the peeing part….. I woke up peeing.  I didn’t ACTUALLY wet the bed because the sheets stayed dry… i just needed a change of clothes.  I’m about to graduate from college and i’m apparently still a bed wetter.

It’s been kinda a rough week for me…. On Wednesday I woke up feeling a little icky, but got up and got ready for class.  I’m almost out the door, brushing my teeth, and i did a little “too good” of a job, and while brushing the back of my tongue i gagged myself and threw up.  by the time i was finished and re-brushed my teeth, i was too late to class to make it…. grrr.  I had even gotten up early enough to fix my hair and wear a dress to class…. cute day wasted.

So in review, this week I…. threw up and wet the bed.




4 responses

18 04 2008
Kelli McGill

good for you for being brave enough to confess you bed wetting issues for the world to see!

18 04 2008

it was more like i was blackmailed…. if i didn’t blog about your dad and/or laura would have…. better me than them.

19 04 2008

And doesn’t your soul feel cleansed? Thank me later.
With vast amounts of Hit ‘N Run Vanilla Coke.

20 04 2008

I doubt honestly that the theraputic mumbo jumbo will work. Mostly I just need you to blog it as proof for those of our family members that I already told. Hope you find your wallet!!

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