For Ron

20 04 2008

The other night, i discovered that Ron has a bit of a fascination with whataburger….. not wanting to be one to disappoint, i thought i’d document my latest wataburger experience for him…. here ya go Mr. Woods, enjoy.

the good sized drink, in a Styrofoam cup… tapered to fit the cup holders… notice the legendary  orange stripes (sorry it’s backwards, i couldn’t fix it.)

I know it’s shocking… but that burger is the size of my face… they don’t call it whataburger for nothin.

getting ready for some tasty goodness…. (original whataburger with cheese, dry (no mustard))  And i removed the pickles after i got back.

here is goes….

mmmmm that sure is good

rats… foiled again…. i’m stuffed, and i didn’t even make it to the fries…. Whataburger, you win…. again.




2 responses

20 04 2008
Kelli McGill

does this mean you found your wallet??? or did you hold up the whataburger???

20 04 2008

stay tuned tomorrow for my rebuttal from “5 Guys!”

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