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22 04 2008

My whataburger experience started a little something… Ron blogged a rebuttal Cleveland stlye… It was super great. But he thought i was declaring war, which a clearly wasn’t….. just sharing a good time…. he did take back his attack so we’re good friends again. However… this got me thinking, it would be really fun to picture post some of our favorite food…. so here is my challenge… eat your favorite food… take some pictures… send a link… then we can all benefit from your favorites too…. good luck!




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22 04 2008

HA! you said “buger” THAT’S NOT EVEN A WORD!!

22 04 2008

HA! you said “buger” THAT’S NOT EVEN A WORD!! firefox suggests burger, bugger, bugler, auger, and luger. i suggest booger! crap, apparently THAT’S not a word to firefox. it suggests boomer, booker, and boozer. …i’ll go with boozer!

23 04 2008

I ate YOUR favorite food for the first time the other day. It was just as slimey and nasty as I thought it would be. I forgot to take the picture, so I had to eat it again! GRR! I would send you a link, but the stupid pic won’t download for some reason. See my blog 😉

23 04 2008

Oh, this was from tiffykay, not Logan

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