Cootie Catchers

23 04 2008

Today at the Y we made cootie catchers… you remember those paper things you fold and put colors on the outside and numbers on the inside and it tells you your fortune…. i’m not describing this very well… i should post a picture…. Well anyway I made about 8 of them today because all the kids wanted one… but i cut them off after that and said more people could have some tomorrow.

anywayz… i had the kids pick what phrases they wanted to put into their cootie catchers…. (we always used to do things like, you smell like poop, you are cool…. yadda yadda… my kids’ were WAY better)  some of my favorites:

You eat dirt…. Just Kidding!

you wear frilly dresses (which was a compliment to the girl that made it, but made the boys really mad)

there’s a flower pot on your head, April fools!

you love your mom and i love my mom

you have a huge head like a giant hunk of bologna

and my personal favorite

KABOOM!!!! on your head

If i could just step inside some of their heads for five min…. oh man.




2 responses

23 04 2008

i love that!! i’m so making one tomorrow at work.

23 04 2008

good thing i don’t associate with any adults. they can eat my shorts.

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