i’ve been a bit random lately

26 04 2008

shocking, i know. But maybe a bit more than usual i’ll share a few of my rambling thoughts

The other day i was sitting in my chair, and out of nowhere began to sing my school song…. from elementary school. I haven’t heard it since 5th grade.

i’ve realized my hair is really long. I keep shutting it in car doors. And sometimes, it wraps around my arm and gets caught in my armpit… i don’t remember that every happening to me ever…. but it does now, and it hurts.

I painted yesterday… it’s supposed to be these kind of mod flowers…. today i feel like they might look a bit like boobs…. oops.  What do you think… flowers?  say flowers

Last night i was sitting and realized that i used to be able to cup my hands and whistle… I’ve been trying since then, but i can’t do it…. the summer between 8th and 9th grade i was super good at it…. i don’t know what happened.

i just found out that once a week at summer camp for the YMCA the kids can do archery…. ARCHERY!!! i feel like this is NOT safe. Liza (my boss) is having 2-3 of the summer staff to train to teach it… i REALLY want to be one of these people….. I know what you’re thinking… NOT a good idea…. but wait!!! Don’t you think the girl who already thinks it’s a bad idea would be the perfect to teach it…. she might not be coordinated, but she’s already SUPER cautious! PLUS… In 6th grade Paul Roberts took me to Nilo farms (with the 5th and 6th grade ss class) and I shot skeet while i was there…. so i have experience shooting dangerous things without trauma.

I have a new punishment for my kindergarteners that maybe i should re-think….. they’ve been off the walls this week, so instead of taking the easy way out and having play time (a reward) I’ve been making them sit and do nothing fun…. in other words, they write their numbers to 100 or their alphabet a couple times….. i caught it today when they were being noisy in line to go outside and i said, Ok, i guess everyone wants to write the alphabet 3 times, and the whole crowd screamed NNOOOO!!! and was immediately silent…. sure it works to get them to mind…. but am i teaching them that numbers and letters suck??

I really want to like chocolate milk. I think it sounds and looks so amazing…. i even crave it sometimes. But i hate it. I’ve tried several times to drink it with enjoyment…. no dice. It doesn’t make sense to me…. I LOVE milk…. and i LOVE chocolate… it should be a heavenly marriage… but i hate it. frown.

In conclusion…. i might be crazy.




4 responses

26 04 2008

if you pull my name for christmas this year you could just spend the money on a canvas and paint and make me something beautiful. i hope i get your name so i can give you your letter opener back! (although you will get it regardless)

28 04 2008

those boobs are lactating something FIERCE!!

28 04 2008

matt… really?? SICK!

11 05 2008


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