Fun things heard at the Y part…. something

28 04 2008

Ryan:  Miss Kristi check out my huge fart!!

Me: Excuse me?????

Ryan: look, i made a huge fart!!

Me:  I’m not sure that i can look at that, and i KNOW i don’t want to

Ryan: no really come with me

I finally went with him, and he showed me where he had found a spare bottle of sunblock in the yard and had squeezed it all out into one big pile…. thus his huge fart….

Levi was struggling to remember how to spell “jackets” I soon overheard him singing this to the tune of if you’re happy and you know it

J-A-C-K-E-T-S    Ja-a kets…… it was adorable

Austin:  Hey Miss Kristi, If I lay down will you do a surgery on me?

Me:  WHAT???

Austin:  I’ll lay down and you pretend to do surgery.

Me: ummmm….. ok…..

We then did a mock heart transplant…. and after i stapled him up i told him to hold his chest when he coughed to make sure he didn’t pop open the staples cuz then all his insides would fall out…. all the other kids thought it was fantastic and then everyone wanted a surgery…. who knew surgery was so much fun.

Last but not least…. I put Ryan in timeout when we went outside because he was being loud and bothering people in the hallway.  There were a few others who went straight to the time out spot when we got outside… but ryan sulked and wouldn’t go.  I finally got him to set down, but he told me this:

Yeah well you know what Miss Kristi, I didn’t sit because i’m so mad at you

me: well i’m sorry you’re mad, but you see ryan if you don’t want to be in timeout, all you have to do is be quiet in the hall.  So it’s up to you, and the quicker you sit quiet, the quicker you can go play.

Ryan:  yeah well i’m so mad I’m gonna throw the whole playground at you

Me: wow, the whole playground? that would make you REALLY strong

Ryan: yeah well i am

Zack: no your not.  (to me) no he isn’t

ryan: ZACK!!!!

Zack: well you’re not

Ryan: (turning red because he’s so mad)

Me:(turning red because i’m trying so hard not to laugh)




One response

11 05 2008

phaHAHAHA! Kristi! this is hilarious- thanks for posting this. i love to hear your stories 🙂 this is shannon from church(TNL) btw. thank u for the laugh, and it was great to c u @ fine Arts yesterday too.

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