Apparently I’m competitive

30 04 2008

yesterday after i ate dinner, I was walking back to my room and three of my guy friends were playing catch out in the yard.  My friend Amy and I sat and watched them and talked to them for a few minutes when Mings, our dorm pastor, came out and announced a game of kickball was pending.  I thought to myself… a nice relaxing game of kickball would be great… right.

As soon as the game started, i turned into, “serious kickball player girl”  I was coaching, cheering, screaming, running around… in the final inning, we were down 9-2, i was on first base with 2 outs.  After two pitched balls, I had decided that it was up to me to get the momentum going out way… so i decided i was running with the pitch and i was taking 3rd.   As soon as the pitcher wound up, i was off, i didn’t even look where the ball was kicked and headed toward third…. it was pretty much right there, so they went to throw me out…. luckily playing third was the girl that can’t catch so even though the throw was WAY ahead of me, the ball got away and I scored.  It started a pretty good rally.  We still ended up losing 9-8…. but it was my aggressive to the point of reckless base running that got us back in the game…. and had the sun stayed up long enough for another inning…. or if the kickball wasn’t blue… i’m pretty sure we would have pulled out the victory.  No thanks to mings… who struck out…. seriously!  In kickball, a K.   Terrible.




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30 04 2008

AHHH, I love the McGill way of always have to explain why your team lost. Yep, I love it.

30 04 2008

the funny thing is… during the game, i was making fun of my brother for having an explanation why something went wrong before he’s even done screwing if up…. maybe i’m a a little like him. haha

30 04 2008

hate you both.

2 05 2008

Ahh….The power of kickball….Sounds fun though…and yay for rallying the team to close the gap!

3 05 2008
Dad (Butch)

Pujols would have been proud!

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