Why I love Devin

30 04 2008

I have this friend here at school who is my baseball buddy…. pretty much our entire relationship is based around baseball… except that he loves the cubs almost as much as I love the cardinals. Anyway this evening i sent him this message on myspace: (oh yeah and today’s his birthday)

Subject: 19 – 5???

holy cow! happy birthday to you?? I was hoping you’d lose so we could have 1st alone… guess we’ll have to wait and see who’ll be on top at the end of the weekend

at the exact same time he sent me this as a comment

our offense is rocking, y’all need to watch out

we routed the Brew Crew tonight 19-5…

yes, that was not a typo…19-5.
:o) happy birthday to me!

How weird is that??? I laughed so hard i nearly peed. best thing to happen all day.




2 responses

1 05 2008

That is so cute!!! You are on the same wave length! GO CUBS BABY!!! Thats from Dan! LOL!

1 05 2008

sick dan. sick.

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