do da do

7 05 2008

it’s nearly noon…. my roommate is still sleeping… i’m bored…. some thoughts

  • i should not be allowed to be out with people after i’ve heard a Grease medley followed by footloose on the radio in a restaurant…. i haven’t been that goofy in public since high school…. and then only with certain girl friends.
  • It really makes me laugh when people write me songs… even if they’re impromptu… Nate is super funny.
  • i miss the days when all you needed to fit in was a JTT poster in your room…. kinda.  On second thought i didn’t have any friends then…. so i guess the poster didn’t do much for me.
  • I’ve been thinking about writing again… most people don’t know i sometimes write… but i had a class that really made me want to write… maybe i’ll share something on here… but then again… that’s scary… you’d have to be REALLY nice to me….. as a warm-up, here’s a poem that Stephanie Levan and I wrote in 8th grade

There was a man named John Wilkes Boothe

He shot Lincoln and that’s the truth

He went to get his mail one day

And heard Lincoln was to be at the play

He waited for the funniest line

Because he knew it’d be the very best time

Boothe pointed the gun at Lincoln’s head

Before you know it he’s almost dead

John Wilkes Booth he ran like a fox

But they caught him in a big burning box




2 responses

8 05 2008

Kristi… this brings tears to my eyes. I’ve never read anything so sweet … so full of heart … oh wait. Lincoln died, didn’t he. Never mind.

What a tasteless, classless blog! I can’t believe you wrote this about the most popular president we have ever had! Shame! Shame I tell you!

Would you write my eulogy when I croak?

8 05 2008

ron ron ron…. the poem isn’t a tastless poem about lincoln dying…. this is a poem about john wilkes boothe…… still a little classless… but hey, i was 13 when i wrote it. and yes i would love to write your eulogy….. I wrote one for a speech class once, for Jen…. I had the whole room cracking up and in tears. And then at the end, when my prof asked if it was a “true story” about 3 people REALLY cried. I laughed at them. But yeah, i’ll write yours… it’ll be GREAT!!

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