this week

11 05 2008

i’ve decided that i miss stephanie levan…. not that i don’t miss her a lot… or that i don’t miss the rest of you… cuz i totally do… but i’ve been thinking about her a lot this week…

one: i went to fine arts festival to watch some of my kids compete, and they had a sign language event… and i really wanted her here to translate for me… and tell me how bad the kids were doing… (sometimes i’m kinda cynical)

two:  my earlier entry of the john wilkes boothe poem made me think of all our stories and stephs great song writing abilities…. the story about the pb&j sandwich (it was so shaksperian). split splat, Mr. hake you’re the one.. you make bball lots of fun, mr. hake we are awfully fond of you… mr hake can’t shoot threes mr hake never wins sodies…. mr hake wears oiler clothes, mr hake has twinkle toes.. mr hake he’s our very best coach it’s true….

Three: countless videos… speck cream, mexican cooking show… with arab interuptions…. the rhyming knife infomercial… the hallway of learning.

Annual Christmas parties complete with scavenger hunts and girls running and giggling and falling up several flights of stairs…. even after we reached our 20’s

who can forget our abstinence slogan, “babies are heavy, don’t have sex”

Stephanie Levan, you make the world go round




3 responses

11 05 2008

kristi mcgill .. i heart you. you need to come to chicago.

12 05 2008

i told her that for YEARS!!! ok MONTHS!!! and nothing. now i’m gone. i think it’s too late for her steph!

12 05 2008

HAHAHA!! I Remember SPECK cream!!! LOL…And I do believe I remember the Hallway of Learning!! (That was the calc. video was it not??) lol
Can you believe we have been out of high school for 6 years already!! It’s nuts I tell you…Just nuts!!

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