Nice to see….

14 05 2008

Welly have such a good outing…. only one hit through 7

Izzy have a one two three 9th…. although out #2 was a longer out than i’d like, he was missing bats with several swinging strikes…. always promising.

the davids make the idol finale…. you know you’re glad too

whitney, the first ever “corn-fed” America’s Next Top Model

My summer schedule…. I’ll average 36 hours a week… and can pick up more hours from others here and there.  And i’ll have my evenings free… I’ll work 7am to 130pm except for field trip days because i’ll  be away from the site and won’t get off until 5:30ish…. that’ll be along day, but it will be fun since it’s a field trip. Also one of those days we’ll be going to the local movie theatre to eat up a couple of hours… and most days i’ll have discovery camp kids (4 and 5 year olds) which means i have nap time.

No pee-ers today…. however i did have one kid that cried for about an hour…. not an “i’m hurt,” or, “my feelings are hurt,” cry…. just a, ” i’m mad and throwing a fit” cry…. It was annoying…. I mostly ignored him… Once he discovered ants on the ground and realized that if he ripped their heads off, their legs still squirmed for a while, the crying ended.

(did i keep the baseball content low enough for you Kelli???)




3 responses

14 05 2008

on the “not nice to see” side…did you see that jimmy ballgame is now wearing cubbie blue?

15 05 2008
Kelli McGill

Better, much better. But next time can you put the baseball content at the bottom. I almost quit reading after the 1st line…it was a close one 🙂

15 05 2008

i like to put it at the top so that you can prove your love for me by persevering.

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