who does that?

14 05 2008

today my kids were ROTTEN.

by the time we got outside… which was pretty much the first thing we did… i had all of my kids except for 3 in timeout.  One of my girls… alexus… didn’t want to be in timeout so she told me she had to go to the bathroom (we had just come from the bathroom and she was in there about 5 minutes before this) I told her that she should have gone when it was her turn and not played, and that I had told her that it was her only chance to go, so she’s have to tough it out.

She then informed that she had peed in her pants (somehow she thought this would get her out of timeout) I could tell by looking at her that she hadn’t, but i said…. well i’m sorry alexus, i’ll call mom.  She freaked out.  I said… no no you aren’t in trouble, i’m just calling her so she can bring you some new clothes.  Alexus then threw a fit about not wanting new clothes (because if her mom came, she would be caught for not actually peeing her pants)  So i sent her once again to timeout and told her that she wasn’t getting out of timeout that easily.

At this alexus squatted in the grass and peed.  full out peed, through her jeans, in the grass…. JUST TO SPITE ME!!!!  I called her mom… and her mom couldn’t come so she talked to alexus and told her she’s have to sit in it…. And she did… for two and a half hours…. and i put her back in timeout.

She may think she can pee her pants to spite me…. but i’d say game, set, match, miss kristi wins.




3 responses

14 05 2008
Dr. Chris Ramirez

Good for you, but mostly good for that Mom.

Was this in Texas or St. Louis?

Either way if this was out in Orange County, the mom would have yelled at you for hurting her child’s self esteem, and then sued you and the school.

14 05 2008

you are my hero…. really.. not even kidding… That’s why I hang out with teenagers…

14 05 2008

this was texas. She’s one of my favorite mom’s of my kids. She doesn’t take any crap from anybody.

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