Not my weekend

18 05 2008

We had a training for the Y this weekend… it was an overnight deal at this camp out in the middle of nowhere.  I was feeling my allergies being funny as soon as i woke up yesterday morning, so i took some medicine before heading to the Y (i had to be there by 6:30am on saturday)  by the time i got to the camp, my allergies were out of control… i was itchy and swollen, and dripping, and watering, and pressure was building… it was bad…. i took some more meds, but it didn’t seem to help…. by 9pm i had a fever of 100.4 (which is fairly high for me because i’m naturally about 96.8 rather than 98.6…. dyslexia at its best)  My boss sent me to bed rather than finishing the night… i slept a good hour and half before people started coming back to the cabin and all my coworkers acted like 15 year old screamy, giggly girls…. I didn’t get back to sleep until about 1:30…. all the while my temp was rising…. the next three hours was pretty restless…. my boss even woke me up to check on me at one point because i was yelling and crying in my sleep.  I had a session this morning and then skipped lunch to go back to bed and i FINALLY broke my fever.  I still felt pretty puny, but i was alright the bus ride home.  We got back to the Y and loaded up my car to head back to school… and to bed… and my car was dead.  AAAAHHHH!  I got a friend to jump me…. hopefully it was a fluke and i don’t have a bad battery….. i guess we’ll see tomorrow…. i’m going to bed.




2 responses

18 05 2008

you were yelling and crying in your sleep??? that’s awful 😦 praying that you will be all better tomorrow.

19 05 2008

awww…That sucks!! Glad you are feeling a teeny bit better though!!! I understand that whole miserable allergies thing… Hopefully it is just a fluke with the car battery!!

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