too hot

19 05 2008

Today it was really sunny and pretty warm… so all of my kids were whining while we were outside.  I don’t take whining real well, so the more they whined the more i told them that they had to stay outside.  (i’m kinda mean)  One of my boys just wouldn’t leave me alone about it being too hot and I told him if he didn’t stop whining, i’d give him something to whine about (i know, I know, how much do i sound like my mom)  well he didn’t stop whining so i put him in timeout… and in timeout, you have to sit in the sun.  (it wouldn’t be real timeout if you just got to chill in the shade… where’s the punishment in that?  anyway…. this was the face he made while in timeout…. priceless

In the words of shaun (my coworker) “sun is kryponite to chunky soup”




One response

20 05 2008

Meanie!! (love you!)

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