good news bad news

23 05 2008

Bad news…. my first item of business back home… going to the doctor.  I have a urinary tract infection of some sort… not really fun…. and my pee smells like eggs…. not rotton ones but fresh hardboiled ones…. it almost smells good… but weird right?   (tmi?)

Good news…. I successfully peed in the cup at the doctor!  I’ve never been able to do that… performance anxiety or something…. but i sat right down and just peed without worry…. i did drink a whole lot of water at lunch so i’d be able to…. but still!!!  I think i’m growing up, I got to wear my big girl panties today and everything!!




2 responses

25 05 2008

Congrats!!! You did wash your hands right? lol
welcome home!!! I might have to try and meet up with you somewheres!!

26 05 2008

TMI Kristi! TMI! However I am proud you are now a big girl.

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