Dr Kazden=Best Doctor Ever

25 05 2008

I’ve been told i need to share how great my doctor is…. I went to see him last Feb because i felt like i might be getting strep and i was home so i thought i’d get some meds while i could… this was our conversation

Me: well i wasn’t sure if i should come in or not, because i don’t really FEEL sick

Dr. K:  well you look terrible!

Me: wow… thanks for that.

friday i went back to the doctor… as you will know if you read my previous post. this was our notable conversation on friday…

Dr. K: are you sexually active

Me: nope

Dr. K: (shocked face) REALLY??

Me:… (hesitate)… um… no

Dr. K: (crinkles his nose and crosses his arms… REALLY???

Me: (feeling kinda stupid)…. i mean it’s by choice… its not cuz i’m a loser

Dr. K: (blushing) no no no i mean, that’s usually the big trigger for a UTI…. well then, why do you have a bladder infection?

Me:  I don’t know!!  you’re my doctor!!!

Dr. K:  hmmm good point.




One response

26 05 2008

i would pay good money to get to see you and dr K in the same room.

thanks for coming to see me this weekend.

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