odds and ends

30 05 2008
  • today was the last day of school for my kindergardeners… and i had mixed feelings… i’m ready for summer, but i’m going to miss my kids SOOO much.  Many of the parents thanked me and said i was the best YMCA worker their kids had ever had…. of course this is their first year in afterschool care. =) And the kids all gave me big hugs, many not wanting to leave…. broke my heart.  I actually cried on my way home.
  • Before work I dropped by a friend’s apt to say goodbye.  He just got a “real” job out of state and is moving.  He’s one the best if not the best friend i’ve had since i’ve been in texas.  I pretty much cried for like 10 min after i got in the car and left…. I guess it’s an emotional day.
  • i got sunburned yesterday while working in the yard getting it ready for camp.  I made a flower garden… it’s super cute.  but the burn isn’t…. the lines rival softball tan days…. not a great way to start the summer
  • Mather got the call from Memphis today!  can’t wait to see what he can do!
  • While watching our friday movie today at the Y… there was a church scene, and it was very traditional and in an old white country church, steeple and all.  My kids aren’t used to this sort of thing and this is the conversation that followed

Colby: Wait!! did someone die??

Me:  No, they’re just at church

Tyeler: That’s not church! Church isnt like that!




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