Working at the Y

31 05 2008

I’m hot and sweaty and tired.  I have been working all week but we did get some nice work done.  Here’s some shots of what i did….

i should have posted a before shot… but this is my flower garden… i did it on thursday.  Today all the flowers are blooming… i don’t have a picture of that…. but before i started it was knee high overgrown weeds  and rocks… it was hard to make it look like this.

these are our core values…. and they all have coordinating colors… i’m not sure why… but i painted them accordingly anyway.

our camp sign…. you should have seen the old one… yikes… it was rotted and cracked and gray and the letters were all different sizes and crooked… and it only said “camp buff” the rest was worn off… we needed a new one… we don’t want kids thinking they’re supposed to come to camp and take their clothes off…

this is my sunburn…. before it really started to “show up”  not a good line… but it might have been worth it for all of my hard work.




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